Posted by: jeezysanchez | August 14, 2012

Break It Down: “Hot Cheetos & Takis”

Little kids rapping is my second favorite thing after kittens falling asleep. When I came across Y.N.RichKids’ music video for “Hot Cheetos & Takis” I fell in love. Not with the kids, that’s creepy. Just picture a bunch of kids in a recording studio creating this masterpiece. There has to be footage of this. I will pay at least $10 to watch it. I can see it now:

Kid Rapper 1: Yo, I just thought of a DOPE line about the babysitter being a doodie head.

Kid Rapper 2: Throw it in after my verse about Barney.

Kid Producer: We creatin’ magic, people.

Me: [tears of joy]


If Odd Future and the Wiggles had a baby, it would be the Y.N.RichKids.

0:13 – The production value is already better than anything Lil Wayne has ever done

0:15 – I had to Google “Takis” and it turns out they are a delicious spicy chip. This song is going to do wonders for business.

0:23 – The posse is there, all that’s missing are some ATV’s and dirt bikes and we have a DMX video

0:32 – Kid in the wifebeater is the hype man. He has to be.


0:47 – This beat goes so hard

0:59 – Adorable

1:10 – Dame Jones = Tyler the Creator


1:32 – I had forgotten these were kids until the “hands red like Elmo” line.

1:34 – Lil Lupe Fiasco kills it.

1:37 – LOVE the youth basketball uniforms. LOVE them.

2:20 – Young Jadakiss in the building

2:33 – HOW’D YOU GET UP THERE?! If that kid isn’t Drake then I don’t know my business.

2:45 – Fritos diss up in here

2:46 – LOL at Waka Flaka Jr.

2:57 – The Sprinkler!

3:30 – If the Y.N.RichKids were the Ruff Ryders, this is their Eve.

4:21 – What the hell?

4:28 – Send it in, big fella!

4:35 – This dance move…

4:47 – Dude dressed as a referee must be their chaperone/producer/homeless man

Y.N.RichKids vs. The SH’BOSS BOYS: WHO YA GOT?


  1. Y.N.RichKids all day

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