Posted by: jeezysanchez | August 2, 2012

Things You Should Watch: Arrested Development

When you think of FOX, what comes to mind? The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Idol, Temptation Island? Jokes on that last one. Nothing will ever reach Simpsons territory, but in the early 2000’s, one show seemed poised to be a comedy television staple.

Then it got cancelled.

To say Arrested Development was ahead of its time is an extreme understatement. It’s writing is better than most shows on TV, and anyone who likes The Office (Michael Scott era) and Parks and Recreation would immediately feel comfortable with AD’s characters. Unlike most sitcoms, Arrested is a show you have to watch in order or half the jokes will go over your head. There are so many callbacks to previous episodes and inside jokes that the writers will sneak in just for the hell of it. Arrested Development got cancelled because of poor ratings, but its ratings had more to do with idiots watching Two and a Half Men, Survivor, and Desperate Housewives instead.

FOX never really gave Arrested a chance. With a cast like this, I find it unfathomable that a network wouldn’t throw every promotional dollar towards this show when other shows like American Idol can market themselves.

There’s a reason this isn’t a Gone Too Soon post because there is good news, my friends! Arrested Development has come back from the dead. I know what you’re thinking:


Don’t fret; it’s not that kind of dead. Our lord and savior, Netflix, agreed to air a fourth and final season starting in 2013 leading up to the likely Arrested Development movie. Oh yeah. There’s a movie on the way. Giddy up! The episodes in the final season will catch the viewer up on what each character has been up to since we last saw them. You’ve got some time to kill before the next season, as Ron Howard and crew are busy writing the scripts, so now is the perfect time to catch up. Where, you ask? Why Netflix of course. I should get paid for these plugs.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are five more reasons why you should watch Arrested Development:

1.  The Cast

Quite possibly the best ensemble since Friends. Although Friends sucked so that’s a bad example. Let me spell it out for you. Arrested Development stars Jason Bateman (TEEN WOLF TOO!)  as Michael Bluth, president of the failing Bluth Company, a real estate business built on shady deals by his father George Bluth (played by Jeffery Tambor). His “twin” sister Lindsay (Portia De Rossi – grrrr), younger brother Buster (Tony Hale, currently of VEEP), and older brother Gob (the awesome Will Arnett) all live with Michael in a model home. The family must deal with their crazy, often drunk mother and a bevy of other great characters.

2.  Tobias Funke

David Cross’ portrayal of Linsday’s husband, Tobias is vastly underrated. His “is he gay or isn’t he?” running gag will have you laughing out loud every episode. By far the most quotable character on the show, although many of these quotes should be said in the privacy in your own home.

3.  The Cameos

Ben Stiller, Jeff Garlin, Carl Weathers, Amy Poehler, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Charlize Theron, James Lipton, Henry Winkler, Liza Minilli. The Big Bang Theory got that girl who played Blossom. Fuck the Big Bang Theory.

4.  It’s Self-Aware

The show made fun of itself, mocked other shows, and when it was on the verge of cancellation, devoted an episode entirely to desperate pleas to save the show. Who does that?!

5.  George Michael

Before he hit super-stardom in Superbad, Cera played Michael Bluth’s son, George Michael. George Michael’s secret crush on his cousin Maeby makes for uncomfortable moments every time they are in the same room.


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