Posted by: kdiggs22 | May 14, 2012

Monday Movie Review – Red Dawn (1984)

3 out of 4 ‘Gorks’

I don’t know why I wasn’t made aware of Red Dawn earlier in life (if you’ve seen this movie and didn’t recommend it to me then shame on you). Any movie including War, America, Unrealistic Plots, and Protagonists including Charlie Sheen(winning!), Jennifer Grey(if you need to look her up then *middle finger* to you), Lea Thompson(same middle finger), and the late great Patrick “Call Me Maybe” Swayze (RIP) – is a movie tailor-made for me, and frankly for all red-blooded Americans.

The premise of Red Dawn is basically a group of teenagers manage to escape an initial attack of their hometown from invading Soviet forces and band together to defend their rinky dink mid-western town from the Soviet forces in the early stages of WWIII. (why you’re still reading this and not illegally downloading this movie to watch it, I DON’T KNOW).

Once you get past some solidly mediocre acting and action scenes (this IS a 1984 film, has to be graded on a curve) our young group of teenagers find solace and safety in the nearby mountains. Jed (Swayze) steps his ass up to the plate and rallies his comrades around him to prepare themselves for battle and survival. After a few weeks of no contact with the rest of the world, the gang decides to head into town to see what is going on. So a few of the guys stroll into town and start asking their fellow citizens what the deal is with the Soviet take-over. NO NO NO. Hands down my biggest issue with the movie. How can a town occupied by Soviets forces at the beginning of WWIII allow strangers to walk around town without it being a problem? Shocking you idiots eventually sucked in the Cold War – if I have any Soviet friends I don’t apologize.

The movie despite its plot flaws, 1980’s action scenes, and poor synopsis by me (blamed partially on a SteveCuce phone call in the middle of it and I was too lazy to reread what I had already typed) – is super worth it to illegally download, buy, or catch on a random afternoon on AMC. Thanks again to Haggleman for allowing me to forever lower the standards of Movie Monday.

***spoiler alert – Soviets love McDonald’s too***


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