Posted by: kdiggs22 | March 8, 2012

Trash Talk 3.8.12 – OR IS IT?

Garbage is out of town on “business” …you thought there would be no Trash Talk until he returned…what were YOU thinking? (probably something like this.)

Now if you’re actually a fan of the real Garbage (he’ll be back I promise.) Then Philip ‘Don’t Call Me Doc’ Rivers is totally on your side.

Time to Digg in.

Peyton Manning Toss Up: Get $28 Million from the Indianapolis Dolts or bank some good ass credit for your Mastercard on a $6 sandwich….i’ll take the sandwich, thanks.

Guess the MarShon Brooks showing in the Rookie/Sophomore game…err “Rising Stars Game” (ruining yet another thing the NBA had going for them) was just some foreshadowing for his former Friars Big East Tournament thrashing by Seton Hall on Tuesday.

Don’t want to steal TOO much limelight from Garbage so we’re going to  keep this one short and sweet – of course if and when it blows up we might have an ordeal on our hands – Blake style…no not that Blake. THAT Blake.

Or it could be a perfect harmony. We’ll see.

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