Posted by: jeezysanchez | February 11, 2012

26 Clayton Presents: Full House Drinking Game

I could have graduated college in 3 years, did an internship, and fell into a job, and safely say I had a typical college experience.  Instead, I went back to school for one more semester to live in the strangest but most amazing apartment in Cortland, NY. Once there, a LOT of weird shit was created.  This is one of those things.

The Full House Drinking Game was sparked by a Dave Coulier stand-up show at college. Each one of us, myself more than the others, were incredibly enthusiastic to see a childhood idol in person. We brainstormed ideas for signs to make and bring to the show, made an obnoxiously large sign that said “Rush Hour Renegades, Comin’ At Ya,” and brought it with us. We watched Full House the afternoon of the show to prepare ourselves, and figured why not get super drunk. And thus, the game was born. One roommate even skipped work to play.  The rules were simple, with one person aware enough to scream “DRINK!” when the appropriate thing happened on the show.

Cut to that evening.  I, at the persistence of my friends, decided to better our place in line by challenging strangers to Full House Trivia and cutting in front of them. It was embarrassingly successful. So much so that even my friends were ashamed of me. The show itself was horrible. Coulier, you see, is a “clean comic” and was so horrendously bad that we ripped up our sign and left it in the auditorium. I hope he noticed. Stamos 4 Life.

And now, the rules:

Level 1

1 Drink for every time

  • Two or more family members hug.
  • Sappy, cheesy, sentimental music is played.
    A character says their catchphrase, “You got it dude, Have Mercy, Cut it Out, How Rude”
  • An aerial shot of San Francisco is shown (this includes the opening credits).
  • Uncle Jesse eats chicken
  • Joey wears hockey clothes
  • Danny cleans something or talks about cleaning something
  • A scene is not inside the house


Level 2

2 Drinks for every time


Level 3

3 Drinks for every time

  • A joke is made about Kimmy Gibbler’s stinky feet
  • Michelle or the Twins look off camera for their lines
  • Someone cries
  • Joey or Jesse bring home a girl (not Becky)
  • The Rippers show up


Level 4

CHUG YOUR BEER for every time

  • celebrity makes a guest appearance
  • If Jesse, Joey, and Danny sing (Drink for duration of song)

You’re welcome.  We just made the best thing ever, better.

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